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Our expertise

ILSIS Consulting is the partner of companies acting in different fields, such as High Technology, Banking and Finance,

Telecommunication and many others. Our expertise helped us develop methods and instruments for consultancy also adapted to companies evolving in B2B. We are able to accompany the operational structuring of our clients’ strategy on engineering and re-engineering levels of the organization, as well as on motivating, leading and coaching of different teams.

Our consultants can work with your General Management team to define, structure and set-up a strategic plan for the local and international marketing of your company. A very pragmatic approach, based on the real starting positioning of the enterprise, its market share, its competitive situation in each segment. This goes until proposing organizational changes with a methodology for an efficient implementation.

We can setup

An International Conquest Strategy

We work with your General Management for the implementation of an international conquest strategy: positioning of the offer, identification of the sales approach in the target countries; setup of qualitative control scoreboards for operational follow-up in those countries; proposing modifications of existing products and range expansion.

A Marketing and Sales Strategy

Our consultants work on the development of your company’s market/product Business Plans, proposals of control scoreboards for operational follow-up of the activities, accompaniment of sales teams' pre-sales features and realization of operational consulting processes. All these actions will be fixed on the key factors for success.

A Global Plan for Sales Quality and Marketing

This implies consultancy programs with your company’s Top Management, Sales and Marketing Departments, Human resources and Regional Managements for the implementation of qualitative performance standards, and progress follow up.

Policy of Push-Pull Partnership - PPP

We elaborate a PPP policy with a business model and accompany different teams and help make organizational adjustments.