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A dedicated Management package, including a complete process with a training curriculum.

Enhance management competencies of your Managers

Managing people is a complex discipline that is not taught in traditional training university or high school courses. It requires a first practice in the job from which we can develop real management skills. This specific know-how is based on a competency framework that can develop and improve within a population that is already in charge of this position.

ILSIS Business Institute for Management and Sales offers a unique expertise that will enable you to validate real-time expertise of your managers while accompanying them in the process of development and certification of new skills.

ILSIS expertise

We rely on our expertise developed over more than 20 years in the creation and implementation of different models of sales and Management schools. This starts from school for a period of several months for products and services with high added value, up to courses likeTeam Up, Team Pro, for short life cycle sales products. We developed these structures either independently or in active partnership with Universities or some business or engineering schools.

The curriculum implemented helped to recruit, train and make perform thousands of business managers who were able to quickly demonstrate the effectiveness of our expertise. ILSIS has an expertise in the field of pedagogical engineering to achieve educational benefit in professional training area. ILSIS has demonstrated its ability to adjust learning paths to customers’ demands.

ILSIS Business Institute allows you to Recruit, Train, Coach, Integrate and CERTIFY the skills of your future managers and sales people.

For more than 23 years, many companies like yours have trusted ILSIS Business Institute.

The certification has two levels:

puce-training MCP level 1 : The certification basis
puce-training MCP level 2 : Senior level certification


We are proposing a dedicated expertise acquired trough more than twenty years of Knowledge, by creating and deploying numerous dedicated Sales Management and sales schools.

ILSIS MCP is a complete process of certification to the managerial function of operational managers within a client company.

This is a package of a global solution that includes a complete process with:

1. Status and establishment of the competency framework

This phase begins with a job analysis and evaluation of the company, the job profile and the
profile of ideal candidate to take the position.
Deliverables: Definition of profiles of positions and candidates.

2. A dedicated Management training curriculum

We build a training course with intensive role play simulation and regular assessment of skills in training classes and real work environments. This curriculum has been widely tested in ILSIS Business Institute and is constructed from previous successful experiences. Training is provided by professionals, all experts in their respective trades andselected for their expertise and their teaching skills.
Deliverables: training courses and evaluation of measurement (according to job description and candidate profile). This course includes the implementation of know-how provided with a regular validation of ongoing learning (certification is made during the progress of training delivery and implementation phases).

3. Final certification on completion of the curriculum and award of a diploma.

At the end of a course an evaluation panel will submit each candidate for a “Grand Oral”, the oral examination tovalidate the level of skills and put the final degree certification.



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  • Implementation
  • Certification
  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Recruitment
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